Tenuta Monteti


In 2016 we entered the Ministry for the Environment’s program “V.I.V.A. The Sustainability of Wine”. In January 2017, after a year of collecting documents ranging from the amount of water used for irrigation to the metres of tape used to close the wine cases, we arrived at the water and carbon footprint calculation of a single bottle of Monteti and Caburnio and, based on this, the product certification for both of them.

On the back of the bottles is a QR code that allows the consumer to access

the wine sustainability parameters in the relevant page of the Ministry’s website.


The V.I.V.A. program does not just photograph the state of things, but provides guidelines for continuous improvement of the practices carried out, with the aim of reducing the calculated footprints. This is why the certificate has to be renewed every two years with a new audit, which must verify, data in hand, that the company has implemented the improvements that were set two years previously.

It was a natural landing for us, confirmation of our philosophy both in the work in the field and in the industrial part of the cellar. We firmly believe that the search for quality must be united with environmental sustainability values and social responsibility. Today’s work is a commitment to the future.

Cert. n° 212970-2017-OTH-ITA-DNV